Why Sapeda


SAPEDA is rooted in tradition and inspired by natural botanicals that really work. Our brand name was inspired by an indigenous Himalayan spice that has been used for centuries to protect skin against environmental damage and boost natural healing. Every product in our natural skincare line utilizes complex botanical ingredients in pure, synergistic formulas. SAPEDA’s line of natural skincare products are crafted in small batches with a focus on integrity and sustainability

We’re empowering a rich history of plant-powered beauty traditions with natural ingredients from around the world. Inherit your beauty with products grown by nature.


I am Nargis Goldfinger – Rasheed, Ayurveda therapist, Herbalist, skincare formulator and founder of SAPEDA skincare and Beauty Essence.


Growing up in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, buying skincare products was an unfamiliar concept back in the 1990’s. The options were limited not just product wise but also financially. Everything we needed for our skin and general wellbeing was literally in a kitchen drawer. Having a big family, where the majority were women, making beauty products was our weekly family ritual. All generations of women would come together and make products for skin and hair, next to seasonal rituals of drying herbs, spices and vegetables. Some of my best childhood memories are from these moments.

From the age of 8, I was involved in these rituals. My mother always knew how much the remedies, recipes and rituals fascinated me, so she bought me a book which had 1,000 homemade remedies for skin and wellbeing. I remember reading each page multiple times to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. This inspiration led me to study Ayurveda and Herbalism.

When I moved to the Netherlands, I was still taking care of my skin the same way as I was in Afghanistan using traditional remedies that I learned growing up. I started sharing my homemade creams, masks, and oils with friends, family, and colleagues. My passion for formulating beauty products started to grow into an obsession. I focused on making truly natural products that don’t steer the skin into a specific direction, but instead aim to improve the skins natural barrier to withstand changes, improve its unique balanced state and help to maintain that balance. From these beginnings, the concept of what would become SAPEDA was born.


Moving to the Netherlands also gave me access to verities of ingredients that where previously unavailable to me back home. I started exploring other ingredients from around the world and not just Ayurvedic herbs and spices. On my journey I came across ingredients native to the Amazonian rain forest, fell in love with their benefits, and started to use them in my products. My aim was to blend the rarest regenerative and restorative ingredients to be found in nature to create the highest quality skin care products.

I select each ingredient and imported it from suppliers that truly work sustainable and fair trade. My goal for SAPEDA is to be a combination of Eastern herbs and Western miraculous ingredients while remaining pure, clean and balanced.


It takes a lot of trial and error to get just the right balance of ingredients. The one thing I do not want to do is to excessively overdose my products with a certain ingredient, without it adding any benefit. Complex ingredients are most effective in synergistic formulas, so I always keep the formulations balanced.


SAPEDA’s line of natural skincare products are crafted in small batches with a focus on integrity and sustainability. Formulas are produced in the Netherlands without any alterations and in line with EU regulations. This also allows me to personally oversee the production and quality.


Having a background in Ayurveda, I don’t believe in a one size fits all concept. Launching just a product line was not an option for me. I strongly believe regardless of how amazing an ingredient or product is, it doesn’t mean it will work for every skin type. There are many other factors that contribute to skin issues.  I wanted to help women like me to enjoy the products but also, I wanted them to learn what makes their skin look the way it does, what are the factors that contribute to it and how a holistic beauty treatment combined with well-balanced products can help. So, I created SAPEDA and Beauty Essence at the same time. SAPEDA and Beauty Essence are intertwined. For me, one doesn’t work without the other.


Honestly, I don’t have one, all SAPEDA products are super stars and beyond. But since I love Oil’s, I would say Antioxidant Facial Oil is one of my go to products for day and nighttime skincare ritual. I love products that are multipurpose and this oil ticks all the boxes. From a leave in conditioner for your hair to eyebrow growth serum; it covers it all.